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Includes: Mountain Flying Snow & Ice Covered Airports IFR in the Eastern Mountains If there’s one thing we’ve learned about aviation education, it’s that learning never stops – whether you are a student pilot or an ATP. Sporty’s Air Facts® DVD Video Series addresses this fact with host Richard L. Collins, a renowned aviation journalist with thousands of hours of experience in a variety of general aviation aircraft. In each programme, Collins presents the knowledge and ingenuity acquired through years of real-world flying and teaches you how to apply the same veteran skills and hard-learned techniques. 35 informative programmes on 9 DVDs teach you to manage the risks of flight and increase the safety factor in whatever type flying you do. So keep learning! You’ll end up a better, smoother, SAFER pilot regardless of the certificates you hold. Air Facts: Flying Conditions and Terrain Includes 3 Air Facts Titles Mountain Flying Covers safe flying in mountainous terrain and examines additional factors such as route planning, canyons, density altitude, wind, up and down-drafts, mountain weather plus much more. See real mountain airport operations plus learn then basics of a good mountain flying checkout. (30 min.) Snow & Ice Covered Airports Collins shares his experience for the safe operation of aircraft on and around snow and ice covered airports. You’ll learn how snow and ice affect the go/no-go decision, proper preheating methods, correct techniques for aircraft control, how to deal with snow drifts, and much more. (20 min.) IFR in the Eastern Mountains Mention mountain flying and most pilots think of the Rockies, but the eastern half of the USA has its share of high terrain, and in some respects it’s even more challenging. The weather in the east is dramatically different, and pilots just don’t have the day-to-day, mountain-flying “mindset” that their counterparts in the west do. So join Richard L. Collins and Sporty’s in a G1000-equipped Cessna 182 on several flights that examine the unique challenges of this mountainous region. We’ll examine the risk factors associated with IFR flight in the mountains, and show how to stay safe when arriving, departing or flying en route. Terrain avoidance is obviously a major factor, and you’ll see how to effectively use various types of terrain awareness systems, ATC radar – even handheld GPS units – to steer clear of danger. Quality footage of these beautiful mountains provides quite an eye-opener for pilots of all levels. Even the “little” mountains in the east demand proper planning and respect. (27 min.)

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